Modification of TCEC-PGN-files in Notepad++ for Aquarium and Scid vs. PC

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AquaPGN - manipulation of PGN files generated by Aquarium

[Update from 23 October 2019]

for the purpose of:

Download manual for the TCEC-PGN-files of various chess tournaments and games:

By the way, the following self-explanatory links work too:

The TCEC-PGN-files must be opened in Notepad++ and modified as follows:

The following abbreviations are used in the move annotations:

Quantity abbreviations:

In the replacement text, in particular the abbreviations and the English figure names (K Q R B N) can be changed at will.

Information about the material balance has been omitted as it is graphically represented by both chess GUIs.

The program Notepad++ can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

Technical information on the regular expressions used:

Special information for Aquarium:

Special information for Scid vs. PC:

Mistakes are there to be made, and the author of these lines is a doer. In this sense:



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