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Contents from the German-language video interview with Michael Nehls from the year 2022 „Der vitamin D-Betrug“:

Already after the first COVID-19 deaths, it was investigated what patients died of and it turned out that it was not the virus that was the cause, but the cytokine storm. Cytokines are pro-inflammatory messengers. When they get out of hand, the immune system attacks its own body with a strong inflammation and can kill it in extreme cases. This is also known from the flu. The affected people usually die either from a bacterial superinfection or from a cytokine storm. Excessive cytokine release in viral infections softens the lungs, disrupts breathing and leads to respiratory distress. Organs far from the site of infection can also be affected: Kidney damage, heart damage, etc.

It has been known about flu for 40 years that there is a seasonality, winter waves, and that these must have something to do with sunlight. And since 2006 it has been known that flu waves in winter are related to a vitamin D deficiency. We need vitamin D synthesis in the skin through sunlight. A deficiency of vitamin D dramatically increases the likelihood of a cytokine storm.

What is actually measured in the blood is not vitamin D but vitamin D prohormone, which is made in the liver from vitamin D 3. There is a magnesium dependency. The sicker you are, the more inefficient this conversion process is. It takes about a week between the absorption of vitamin D 3 and the availability of vitamin D prohormone in the blood for the cells. Therefore, in emergencies, vitamin D prohormone must be administered to raise the vitamin D level. The vitamin D hormone is produced last in the cells. There it binds to receptors in the cell nucleus, whereupon these receptors regulate thousands of genes in the cell nucleus, for example for the growth of the brain including the prevention of Alzheimer's, for bone stability and growth, and for the immune system to prevent an overproduction of pro-inflammatory and a lack of inflammation-blocking messenger substances. The latter are needed to down-regulate inflammation once the infection is over.

SARS-Cov-2 binds to a receptor called ACE2 on the cell surface. Virus binding disturbs the balance of the immune system and moves it in the proinflammatory direction. Vitamin D ensures that enough copies of this receptor are produced so that, despite viral infection, there are still enough receptors to maintain regulation. Otherwise, the virus could occupy all the receptors with the result of dysregulation. The western population is predominantly in a chronic proinflammatory state due to deficient nutrition and micronutrients such as selenium, zinc, etc., but especially vitamin D, which is serious.

In a study with 80 patients (Cordoba study), it was shown that the administration of vitamin D prohormone to hospital patients with COVID-19 infection and low vitamin D levels reduced the probability of the patients having to be transferred to the intensive care unit by a factor of 25. No one died in the vitamin D prohormone-supplied group, 8 patients in the unsupplied control group.

In another study, it was found that those patients who could not be saved had very low vitamin D levels to begin with. In general, studies show that vitamin D prevention protects against severe courses.

There are 4 unethical studies, because they put patients at risk, in which they were given high doses of vitamin D, but not vitamin D prohormone, so that no rapid effect was recorded. This could be exploited in the media, while simultaneously concealing the Cordoba study, to accuse vitamin D of ineffectiveness and failure.

At a fact checker of the German radio/TV station SWR3 is still to be read:

‘Conclusion: How and whether a vitamin D deficiency is at all related to the courses of disease has not yet been researched well enough. Tips to swallow vitamin D tablets in order not to fall ill with Covid-19 are negligent.’

Apart from the lie ‘has not yet been researched well enough’, the formulation ‘in order not to fall ill with Covid-19’ is manipulative. No immune system is capable of preventing a virus from infecting cells through the respiratory tract. One cannot be protected from infection. The immune system can only protect against severe courses, while it learns permanently and can contribute to milder courses in case of reinfection. In contrast, the immune system loses its memory of the virus after administration of the COVID-19 vaccines after only about half a year.

A meta-analysis by 3 German researchers came to the conclusion that there would statistically be no more COVID deaths at a blood vitamin D level of 125 nano-moles per litre (nmol/l). The German Cancer Research Centre published as early as 2020 that 90% of COVID-19 deaths could be prevented by administering vitamin D. The risk of COVID-19 death is increased 18-fold at vitamin D levels below 30 nano-moles per litre compared to well-supplied people. And even at 50 nano-moles per litre, the mortality rate is still 4-fold higher. On an annual average (in Germany?), more than 90 % of people are affected. Even in summer, the average value is only about 60 nmol/l.

As early as April 2020, it was published in the „National Library of Medicine“ that people at risk of influenza and/or COVID-19 are recommended to take 10,000 IU/day of vitamin D3 for a few weeks to rapidly increase the vitamin D (prohormone) level, followed by 5,000 IU/day. The goal thereafter should be to increase the vitamin D (prohormone) level to 100 - 150 nmol/l. Given this knowledge, the COVID-19 vaccines should not have been unethically tested against an unprotected control group, but against a control group with such a vitamin D level. Then the ineffectiveness of the vaccines could have been determined.

To increase the vitamin D level by 1 nmol/l in the absence of self-production, 50 IU must be taken.

In Tanzania, Maasai living as herders and Hazda living as hunter-gatherers have an average vitamin D level of about 115 nmol/l. During pregnancy, it even rises to an average of 147 nmol/l.

People with chronic inflammation consume more vitamin D and therefore have lower vitamin D levels. And those who have the poorest immune status (including diabetic patients and overweight people) cannot build up good immune protection or develop antibodies despite vaccination.

The COVID-19 deaths that could have been prevented by vitamin D were used to justify the lockdowns and other measures. These had negative effects on public health, such as a 3-fold increase in depression rates in the western world. The rate of severe depressions increased sevenfold between 2020 and 2022.

Cancer cells develop permanently in the body. Cancer only develops especially when there is a lack of immune surveillance. The German Cancer Research Centre claims that with a vitamin D level of 100 to 125 nmol/l, cancer deaths would be reduced by 30% and deaths due to cancer metastasis by 30,000 annually.

Vitamin D for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 302 studies (116 treatment studies and 186 sufficiency studies).


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