9/11 – theory of nuclear explosions at Ground Zero


video 'The Third Truth about 9/11':

interview with Dimitri Khalezov

Warm demolition of the World Trade Center
using mini-nukes?

Plausibility of this theory in view of the following phenomena:

Originator of the nuclear theory is Dimitri Khalezov, formerly active in the Soviet nuclear intelligence service. His assessments can be viewed on the Internet here as an interview or here as book excerpts.

The theory:

Under the towers WTC1 and WTC2 as well as the skyscraper WTC7 nuclear mini-explosive devices had been installed underneath them since their construction. This was done in consultation with the New York City Council, which, prior to the the building permit on the implementation of an emergency plan for the controlled demolition of these skyscrapers while avoiding damage to surrounding buildings. The WTC buildings were constructed using hollow-girder steel framing, which emerged in the late 1960s. The front and rear faces of the steel hollow exterior columns of the twin towers had a thickness of of 6.35 centimeters each. It is not possible to demolish such buildings by means of conventional demolition (implosion).

77 meters below the earth's surface, i.e. 50 meters below the foundations of the buildings, thermonuclear explosive devices with 150 kilotons each were installed. Such blasts usually create underground caverns, each with an extension of about 100 meters. Adjacent to these caverns is the fracture zone, consisting of pulverized rock that has been turned into microscopic dust. This is followed by the fracture zone, within which the size of the rock fragments gradually increases as one moves away from the hypocenter. If the explosive charge (as in the WTC buildings) is not placed deep enough, the cavern expands toward the earth's surface in an egg shape rather than a spherical shape, because that is where the least resistance exists. In the case of the WTC twin towers, the rupture zone extended to a height of about 300 meters and the loosening zone more than 50 meters higher. The WTC7 building was completely pulverized, while debris from the twin towers fell some distance away. The dust consisted mainly of steel, further concrete, furnishings, equipment and corpses.

The pulverization of some huge steel frameworks can be seen vividly in this video: ' CNN WTC Steel Column Spire Turns to Dust on 9 11 Low'.

The high temperature development during the core explosion led to the following side effects:

Further phenomena:


The article reproduces information circulated on the Internet, the truth of which cannot be verified, but can at best be considered plausible.


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